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AAADV Workshop 2016, Julie Bullock

Director of Clinical Pharmacology for d3 Medicine and Workshop planning committee member Julie Bullock explains how the unusual opportunity to interact informally with FDA officials involved in the drug approval process is an important opportunity for AAADV Workshop participants.

AAADV Workshop 2016, Tatiana Prowell

AAADV Workshop Published by Lori Wile · May 4 at 12:53pm · .. U.S. FDA’s Breast Cancer Scientific Lead and Workshop planning committee member Tatiana Prowell talks about AAADV’s goals and purpose at opening day of the 2016 Workshop.

AAADV Workshop 2016, Kim Lyerly Workshop Chair Kim Lyerly on why the Workshop is unique: “It’s an open discussion with all the stakeholders in the drug development process on how to improve the whole process and make it better.”

AAADV Workshop 2016, Caleb Egweunu

Caleb Egwuenu, project director for Stand Up to Cancer, Nigeria, talks about his experience at the AAADV Fundamentals pre-workshop for patient advocates sponsored by Susan G. Komen. He is an advocate for bringing clinical trials to Nigeria, and learned more about the science behind cancer and cancer drug development at the Workshop.