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Fundamentals Pre-Workshop for Patient Advocates

This custom course is held immediately before the 15th Annual AAADV Workshop and will focus on how advocates can work more effectively with all stakeholders The custom course preceding the 15th Annual AAADV Workshop will provide valuable insights on how advocates can build better relationships with all stakeholders. The course aims to equip participants with the […]

Challenges with Novel Clinical Trial Designs: Master Protocols.

As seen on Cecchini M1, Rubin EH2, Blumenthal GM3, Ayalew K4, Burris HA5, Russell-Einhorn M6, Dillon H7, Lyerly HK8, Reaman GH9, Boerner S10, LoRusso PM10. The 2018 Accelerating Anticancer Agent Development (AAADV) Workshop assembled a panel of experts for an in-depth discussion session to present Challenges with Novel Clinical Trial Designs. This panel offered assessments of the challenges faced by industry, the Food and […]