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Daejin Abidoye

Daejin Abidoye


From an early age, Daejin Abidoye always wanted to understand how things work. This lifelong curiosity led him to biology – specifically to study how the human body works – and eventually a career in medicine with a focus on oncology.

Daejin joined Gilead this year to serve as Senior Vice President of Clinical Research for the company’s oncology therapeutic area to strengthen and grow programs, as the company seeks to advance new medicines for people with cancer.

“I have always been fascinated by human biology – the interplay of complex chemical structures with unique enzymatic and molecular pathways,” says Daejin, “It amazes me how we use medicine and our knowledge of human biology to try to help when the body’s systems go wrong and people get sick.”

We connected with Daejin to learn more about his career path, his transition from academia to the biopharmaceutical industry and what excites him most about the future of oncology.