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Robert Hobbs, MD

Robert Hobbs, MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Radiation Oncology, Johns Hopkins

Dr. Hobbs is an Associate Professor and ABR-certified Medical Physicist in the Department of Radiation Oncology with a secondary appointment in Nuclear Medicine. 

Dr. Hobbs earned his undergraduate degrees (DEUG, Licence, Maîtrise) in Physics from the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France, with a year spent at the Universität Wien (Vienna, Austria) as an ERASMUS exchange student. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico in high energy Physics before joining the Radiopharmaceutical Therapy and Dosimetry lab as a post-doc in 2006 at johns Hopkins. In 2011, he joined the department of Radiation Oncology as a Medical Physics resident. He completed his residency in 2013 and has since held a dual appointment with a 50% clinical component. His research focusses on targeted alpha-particle therapy and dosimetry, as well as dosimetry-based treatment planning for radiopharmaceutical therapy and combined modalities. 

Dr. Hobbs has been elected member of the MIRD (Medical Internal Radiation Dose) Committee and also chairs the AAPM committee on Radionuclide therapy.