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Prof Rakesh Jalali (MD,FICRO)

Prof Rakesh Rattan Jalali (MD, FICRO)

Medical Director of Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai

Dr Rakesh Jalali is the Medical Director of Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai. Dr Jalali is widely  recognized for his contributions in neuro-oncology particularly with innovations to enhance quality of life  and survivorship for cancer patients. He received the Award for Excellence in Pediatric Clinical Research”  at the 19th Annual Scientific meeting of the Society of Neuro Oncology (SNO) 2014 for his significant  contribution to paediatric neuro-oncology. He has led and mentored various cancer initiatives globally  including in Asia-Pacific and African regions and is known for his academic work, innovative research and  for patient advocacy. He was instrumental in shaping up the ‘Brain Tumour Foundation of India’, and Indian  Society of Neuro Oncology (ISNO).